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5k fuel pump longetivity

Hi All,

I knew about the fuel pump problem that Audis are prone to.  My old 84
4ks had a buzzy pump for a while.  The current 88 5ksq killed its pump
one week after I purchased the car used last year.  I had to buy a new
fuel pump.
Well, the less-than-one-year-old pump is at it, making a loud buzzing
sound #@*!

I understand that the problem might be with the Eastern European (Czech
o' Slovakia) manufacturer of Bosh pumps, the fuel tank lining clogging
the pump intake screen, or low fuel level.

However, I would like to avoid having the fuel pump being an annual
"maintenance" item like flushing brakes, pentosin, or the cooling

When the pump was installed 10 months ago, the knuckle head who
installed it refused to remove the metal mesh as per my request.  He
just said to come back to him when I have a problem.  At $300 installed,
I was hoping that the pump would last a long time.  I guess that I was a

My questions to the collective wisdom out there are:

1.) how long till the pump fails to run?
2.) can something be done to make it run longer before it fails?
3.) whether these pumps have a warranty, if so how long?
4.) what is the cheapest source for these pumps?
5.) what should be done to maximize the life of a new fuel pump?
6.) do we know the name and the address of the person who designed it?

Andrew, Boston, MA
'88 5ksq