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RE: Taillight bulbs

Thanks, I found the proper bulbs, I think. Sylvania part numbers
are as follows: 7528 for brake lights, 7506 for indicators and
backup lights, 5008 for running marker lights.

Why does the wrong bulb corrode? I found the 5008s to be severely
corroded and I had to pull the glass part out and use needlenose
pliers to get the metal housing loose.

Does anyone know if the taillight reflector assembly is one piece?
My license plate area is damaged and to replace it, it looks like
I would have to replace the entire reflector assembly- very expensive.
I made a makeshift license plate bracket, I hope it holds up.

Taka Mizutani
'86 5kcstq

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<< just regular 1157 bulbs. >>

That is the wrong bulb for everyone's information.  It will corrode in the
socket making it a pain to get out and well life misery.  The correct bulb
for your car is a P21/5 for the outside tail lights P21 for the turn back-up
(some stop), also in use on some cars is an R10 for the inner tail lights on
models with 2-3 sets of tail light bulbs.

Welcoming gesture: You can find these bulbs at Walmart or any parts store as
well.  Sylvania uses different numbers for the same bulbs but they are
correctly listed under AUDI in the Sylvania/Osram catalog.

Britton Ingraham

87 4000 CS quattro
85 Quantum GL5
73 Beetle

LOOKING FOR!  88-87 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 5 speed.  Need not run but must
have great looking body and interior that means NO RUST!  All colors are
but would prefer not to have Tornado Red the other lighter red is Awesome
though and silver is really good!