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GrpA 90 20v FS


Alex Erisoty asked me to post this.  He is selling his GRpA 90 20v rally
car.  This car ran this years ProRally series.  He had some great finishes
with the car.  The cars history of drivers includes Jimmy McCrae (sp),
Collins dad.  

This is a real works built rally car, not a converted street car.  Built by
Audi Sport from a bare shell.  275hp NA 20v engine, 6 speed box, locked
center and rear diffs, LSD in front too.  4.88:1 diffs.   Magnesium,
titanium, unobtanium throughout. Shifter operated clutch if you like.  
Lots of OZ magnesium wheels etc.

In the new issue of the SCCA mag Alex and the car are listed as a rising
star.  This car could kick butt in next years SCCA GrpA class.

He is sending me a spec sheet I can post soon.

Alex can be reached at 212-966-5156 in NYC, car is in CT.