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Re: Meltdown at Carlsson

In a message dated 12/14/99 12:11:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, DeWitt writes:

> >Every time I've called her, she is in a state of panic and confusion. I 
>  >always feel like I'm intruding on her "recovery time."
>  The computer crash aside, it's seems to have become pretty
>  difficult to get Audi parts orders for the ol' type 44 filled at
>  Carlsen these days. Didi says it's a system wide problem.
>  Is anyone else having similar problems? Or, to the contrary,
>  has anyone been having good results somewhere? Has
>  Audi pulled the plug on the 80's vintage?

    I'm inclined to believe it's more than just 80's cars being an outgoing 
stock. AofA through Audi AG, one would think, is having ongoing supply 
problems of staggering proportions. Linda's getting the same info my dealers 
are out here in NH. Try to get an A6 front bumper, nope, windshield, nope. 
Even any A4 (v6) core support, nope, all on back order. And this is going 
into prime crash-part season, not the time to be short on plastic core 
supports and bumpers. I hear the same thing is coming on A4 hoods also(just 
bought nine). Maybe Neil or Ben could provide a dealership view, but all I've 
heard is dealers blaming parts distribution, and parts dist blaming 
purchasing/supply in europe. Oh sure, it's all good for the used parts 
guys(wink), but not confidence inspiring for bodyshops or potential rebuilder 

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '83 ur-q
       '84 4000q Lightweight
           '98 A4q 30v---done
               '97 A6q Avant---still needs fender,hood, dash, bags