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RE: Airbag Warning Help

The recall bulletin is available from VW/Audi.
http://tech.vw.com/audi/96circ.htm <http://tech.vw.com/audi/96circ.htm> 
I believe you are interested in the KF recall.

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		I just had the steering column housing replaced on my '89
200Q, which was
		cracked, even though the car was not in an accident. Prior
to the column
		work, I had an airbag warning light that would turn on with
the car, then
		turn off after about 3 - 4 minutes. The mechanic whom had
done the work
		(Audi trained) checked and cleared the codes before doing
the column work
		(suspected that the loose column could have triggered the
problem) and
		then repeated afterwards. Light still is on (now continous)
with a
		failure code of  "Malfunction Indicator Lamp - Open or
Shorted".  Wires
		in column, to controller, to instrument cluster all check
out. Looking
		for help on determining the Code and Warning Lamp. 

		Note: Airbag recall work performed on this car. Does anyone
have a copy
		of the TSB for the 89 - 92 airbag recall?  Mechanic has
noted that my car
		does not have the Airbag Voltage Transformer (original
location, under
		back seat, drivers side) which he thinks was in the TSB. He
also thinks
		he recalls that the TSB used a modified controller. Any
knowledge or


		Larry '89 2CTQ (time bomb?), '85 GTi (Solo2)