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RE: Audi to do a CVT Transmission?

So, again, theoretically, a tuner could make a chip (or the like) and the
user could determine the amount of gears that are selectable and the desired
gear ratios for each gear then?  Hmmm, it'd be nice to have a button where
you can select preprogrammed gear ratios, i.e. hp, torque or economy.  Also,
I guess you could get fabulous(relatively at least) gas mileage while doing
125 on the highway.  Wow, the possibilities...

>Your assumptions on a CVT are correct Anders. Audi's new engine is the one
>rated for the highest hp that I have seen so far. I haven't driven one to
>tell you how it shifts, but basically, the gears are predetermined ratios
>the band (as it were). For this reason, they could have a 6-speed setup if
>they so desired.  The Multitronic is a CVT and not  a high tech automatic.