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Trucks and SUVs outselling passenger cars

It gets worse -- none of these gas guzzling devices have to meet as
strict of EPA requirements as our cars. Can anyone rationally explain
why a 14mpg SUV deserves an emissions break?

Greg J

It's a sad day...

- - peter

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> > www.rideanddrive.com:
> > Any doubts we might still have harbored were
> > dispelled by another piece of news that crossed
> > our desk. During the month of November, light
> > trucks and sport utility vehicles out-sold
> > passenger cars overall for the first time since
> > World War II. It wasn't a blow-out, by any means,
> > as cars still accounted for just over 49 percent of
> > sales, but it WAS a milestone
> >
> > -Kit, who is sad and thinking about ordering an
> > exhaust to make himself feel better