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RE: FS: '87 4kq Turbo


>Damn, If I could have found a cherry '87 5ktq for $3750, I would have
bought it
>in an instant! With only 100k miles? Yeah, right. I don't think they exist.

Me too, and I don't think they exist either.  Most are tired and beat by
now.  These cars were all mostly daily drivers and so they get tired at that
age, and therefore the low price.  I still think it's a great value, if you
can afford repairs.

>But I have to agree with Chris, there is no way that a Frankenstein 4ktq
>is worth $7500. No way. You have to be crazy to buy a car like that. Is
>there a documented conversion history? All procedures written down and
>photographed? Reputable mechanic did the conversion, or some hack? Did
>the owner do it himself? What parts were used?

I agree again!  Usually when you build something like that, it is for
yourself, and you have to realize (when you do such a thing) you aren't
going to get but a fraction out of it when it comes time to sell.  That is
what I would realize going into such a project.  Not sure if this guy did.

>Problem with buying a car with an engine transplant is that you don't
>necessarily know who did the conversion, how well it was done and if there
>are any problems with the conversion. I'd rather spend the $7500 on a
>200tq in really mint condition with full service history and one owner or
>maybe two. Or I'd buy a 4kq and a 5ktq and have plenty of money left over
>to fix both cars. Or buy a 5ktq and make it into a 300hp monster.

Oh, have I got a 200TQ for you!  Email me and I'll give you details.  Take
my car, please.  $8K!  A basement bargain!  New Hakkas.

OK, slightly kidding, but I will entertain serious offers.  One thing I
didn't realize when I bought the 200 was that is is still a type-44 and it
is subject to a lot of the annoying problems of the earlier 5ktq cars (I had
one of them too).