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RE: Great Tires

I would suggest that Tirerack's ratings are based on the deals it has with 
certain manufacturers, not the relative merits of tires. Although you may 
encounter some strong anti-Michelin feelings from some list members, the 
MXV4 series is the undisputed standout for my money (and yes, they are more 
expensive).  I've put the better part of 500,000 miles (that's correct, 
500,000 miles) on MXV4s and their predecessors on a variety of Volvos and 
Audis, and have seen no reason to change.  MXV4s are a great all-weather 
choice for an A4 or 100/A6 unless the person behind the wheel is a grand 
prix driver wannabe who is going to drive the car very aggressively.  And, 
for what it's worth, Consumer Reports gives the tire the top rating in its 

Shaun Mullen
Wilmington, DE

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I'll need some tires soon for my 1990 Audi 100.
 From searching the archives I see that the best
in decreasing order seem to be:  Yokahoma AVS S4,
Goodrich Comp T/A, Dunlop SP.  This seems to leave
Michelins out.  Tirerack rates the above three
higher than Michelin MXV4 which are now on the
car.  Do tirerack's ratings really reflect real
world performance?  If so, Yokahoma at $70 looks
like a great deal compaired to the Michelin MXV4
at $129.

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