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RE: Playstation Grand Turismo 2.....

Hmm I might be mistaken, but that should be 400 track combinations, 20
variants and over 500 cars!  

Hehe, as far as the deadline, for shipment today it will be interesting to
see if Sony screwed us on the release date.  They issued posters with
the17th on them, but the press release said the 16th.

-- Jim

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		Hi there,

		For those list members that have Playstaion.....

		I bought a PSX games demo last night because it come with a
GT2 demo.
		Man, I was almost shock to death after learning that GT2
will included
		Audi and other major european car manufacturers; total 400
cars! Let see,
		in the demo game, I already saw a '99 S4 and TT quattro :
P~~  Sony says
		the game will be out today. But I don't think I can get it
until next
		week. Man, I can't wait to soup up the S4 in the game....


		Albert Ng
		'87 5kcst