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RE: Great Tires

I won't repeat this to my  wife if they wear out in 10,000 miles!!!!!


Having fun with the Yoko's

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"Iain Atkinson (ETL)" wrote:
> I just got a pair of Yoko A 509's on the front of my Coupe Q and they are like glue in the wet, dry or > sleazy salt that we have here at the moment. Guess what I am gonna  be buying when the rears wher out.

Unless the fronts need replacing first :)

I had a set of Michelins on the rear of my Passat that refused to wear
out while the
yokies on the front must have been laying down a thin layer of rubber
everywhere they
went judging by the mileage I got from them, nothing stuck to the the
road better though.

95 A4 2.6Q