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RE: Great Tires

Have you seen any "objective" reviews of any of these tires?  I'm looking
for a 195/60/14 tire for my coupe.  The XGT V4 is at least the newest tire.

If  you don't need an all-season tire, you might want to try the Dunlap
8000's.  They have been around for awhile and i see some sizes being
discounted sometimes.  They have a great compromise between ride and
performance.  Great dry and wet handling but they are clueless in the snow.

At 10:22 AM 12/16/99 , Kaklikian, Gary wrote:
>The Yokohama AVS S4 is a great all-season performance tire, just don't
>believe the 40k mileage warranty. I've heard favorable reviews of the new
>Michelin Pilot XGT V4's too, but they cost a lot more. Michelin MXV4's are
>not even in the same class as either of these. 
>The Tire Rack is very biased in their reviews; just look how they push those
>junk Blizzaks (maybe they're ok if you drive at low speeds on ice 100% of
>the time).
>Gary Kaklikian
>86 4kcstq
>86 5kcstq
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>> From searching the archives I see that the best
>>  in decreasing order seem to be:  Yokahoma AVS S4,
>>  Goodrich Comp T/A, Dunlop SP.  This seems to leave
>>  Michelins out.  Tirerack rates the above three
>>  higher than Michelin MXV4 which are now on the
>>  car.  Do tirerack's ratings really reflect real
>>  world performance?  If so, Yokahoma at $70 looks
>>  like a great deal compaired to the Michelin MXV4
>>  at $129.  
>I just replaced a set of MXV4's with a set of Dunlop SP5000's all season. In
>the past I have also run a set of BFG Comp T/A ZR4's.
>The difference in dry and wet traction between the Mich's 
>(worn 50%) and the 5000's has been amazing. I bought on the the 
>recommendation of the local tire dealer over the Yok's and the other all 
>season tires I had been considering. Not cheap at $129 ea. but I did see 
>later that you could get them at Tire Discounters on the web for $101 ea. 
>(225/50 ZR16).
>Mike Torio