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RE: Great Tires

I've just recently put a set of Yokohama A520's - 195 VR 60 15 - on my 1990
200TQ. They are absolutley fabulous! Quiet on the highway and they stick
like glue in both wet and dry. I have to agree with many of the other
respondents wrt your need for V rated tires, or even radical sport tires on
a 100 na I5. (I don't think the V6 was available in 1990)

Some may wonder why I dropped down to the 195 60's from 205 stock or even
215 (which will fit).  I find that the 205 tire is too wide for the rim - a
compromise for ride quality over cornering ability. By dropping down the
size I have found improved grip, feel and particularly predictability at the
limits of traction.  The effective stiffening of the sidewall by using the
smaller size has made the car nimbler and tighter feeling all around with no
loss (rather an increase) of traction over the 205.


1990 200TQ - 240,000 KM

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I'll need some tires soon for my 1990 Audi 100.
 From searching the archives I see that the best
in decreasing order seem to be:  Yokahoma AVS S4,
Goodrich Comp T/A, Dunlop SP.  This seems to leave
Michelins out.  Tirerack rates the above three
higher than Michelin MXV4 which are now on the
car.  Do tirerack's ratings really reflect real
world performance?  If so, Yokahoma at $70 looks
like a great deal compaired to the Michelin MXV4
at $129.

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