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Re: Problem w/ Bosch Plug Wires

You would think, but the problem is that with the cap removed there is 
arcing between the cap and the plug! Simply put, the receptacle is too SMALL 
for the cap, but too LARGE for a good connection without it!  It's painfully 
evident by when wiggling the body of the spark plug wire boot with a timing 
light on the wire!  When I put the old Bosch wires back on, there was much 
less wiggle "ability" and no affect on the timing light.  However, it is 
physically impossible to put the plug wire on far enough with the caps on.

I guess what I'm asking is has anyone else had this experience or did I just 
get a defective set of wires?  Or, do they require GOBS of dielectric grease 
compared to the little bit they provide...?  Either way these wires are 
getting returned.


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>Subject: Re: Problem w/ Bosch Plug Wires
>Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:08:50 -0800
>Unscrew and remove cap!
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>Subject: Problem w/ Bosch Plug Wires
> > I bought a new set of Bosch plug wires (don't have a P/N, threw away the
> > package) for my CGT. I paid extra and got the ones with the loom.  
> > they won't fit properly over my Bosch Platinums when the little metal 
> > screwed over the end of the plug, but they're too loose when there is no
> > cap.  What gives?
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> > Alan
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