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Re: FS: '87 4kq Turbo

well yea,
	But your 4kq is FAR from stock.  (springs, shocks, tires,
wheels)  but I will agree that a stock 4kq will kill almost any stock type
44 in the twisties.  However, most people have kept type 44's as Luxo
Cruisers.  With springs, shocks, tires, wheels they perform
admirably.  I've only been to PIR once but when there, no one could keep
up with the Bennett's 5ktq.  Granted he had slicks but on that straight he
left the ur-q's etc int he dust and in the corners they didnt gain any on
	Also, in the corners adams 5ktq and Alex-s 200 fly.  Now with all
that weight Braking is a serious problem (hmmm, that weight thing keeps
coming up doesnt it :-)  but I think on a fast track they are pretty even
matches.  5ktq faster on the straight, 4ktq faster out of corners
(weight) and inthe tighter twisties.  Again, with both cars
setup.  Afterall, if audi had wanted to they could have entered the ur-q
into the Trans Am series instead of the 200 couldn't they have??  (well
maybe not, they werent importing it anymore so I recind that)  but all the
Big body audi's (200/v8) have done Admirably in classes that considered
them Much to big and heavy.  
	So I still woldnt call them; a pig.  But that siad, I'll take my
4ktq anyday ln the track, I think they are just plain More FUN to
drive. :-)
	See you at PIR next year so we can whip up on some Type
44's. :-)  I have a grudge match with Adam and his 5ktq to settle.  Now
that I have the power to try to keep up we'll see who is faster. :-)

	Todd Phenneger
	1983 ur-q / black / getting a MC
	1984 4000 Turbo quattro (Faster than your average 4kq)
	1987 4000 quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!
  *	http://www.uidaho.edu/~phen9461/motorsports.htm

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Pat Martin wrote:

> Even on a track like PIR the 4ktq is way faster.  My stock motor was faster
> than a stock 5kt at Portland.  They could catch you on the main straight but
> were so slow in the corners lap times would be a second or 2 less.
> And I have driven a 5kqt on that track and it is a PIG.  It is a great
> highway cruiser but its weight is a real liability in handling.
> Pat
> > However at a wide open track like PIR I think the 200/5ktq is
> > actualy potentially faster just due to aerodynamics.  ANd I owuldnt' agree
> > with Pats term of calling them Dogs or whatever it was.  they are heavy
> > but set up well they can still fly.  But they just dont feel like the
> > 4kq.  Its a much more personal car.
> > l8r
> > todd