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RE: FS: '87 4kq Turbo

> 	So I still woldnt call them; a pig.  But that siad, I'll take my
> 4ktq anyday ln the track, I think they are just plain More FUN to
> drive. :-)
> 	See you at PIR next year so we can whip up on some Type
> 44's. :-)  I have a grudge match with Adam and his 5ktq to 
> settle.  Now
> that I have the power to try to keep up we'll see who is faster. :-)

... of course it is all a matter of personal preference I suppose.
Personally I have a blast driving every Audi I own from a non-turbo 4kq, the
qtc, the v8 ... even the old Fox GTI!  

I've never been able to do any quantitative studies, but I must say that
even with all the body roll, that multi-link rear suspension on the Avant is
able to take the fun roads around my house as quickly as the ur-q is.  I
have also found that the rear torsen on the v8 makes it so that on
inconsistent surfaces you don't have to put up with the loss of power when a
wheel gets light (which I even experience on the 4kQ).  

I've always wanted to have that big V8 out on a track for some fun ...
perhaps rather than taking the qtc I should take it to Thunderhill next
month instead so that we can see for sure.  Any of those fancy 4ktq's
planning to come down to California in mid-January?  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (SUA) <=== I find I mistype it this way many times, and with
Peter H's note about trucks outselling passenger cars, perhaps its
appropriate ... :-)