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Totalled 90 TQW: Salvage details and IA chip exchange

I finally got the details from the insurance company on my 90 TQW.

First, if anyone is interested they have a salvage bid from someone,
based on appraisers photos, of $1500. I can buy the vehicle for that
price, it seems a little high to me, but thats their price.  I'd rather
see it go to a lister than lost forever in somejunkyard in southern

As you may recall, vehicle rolled down a hill until an oak stopped it,
the rear bumper and skin, plus the hatch, are toast, and the body back
of the wheels was bent down and to the right a hair- you can see it in
the door seams. There are also scrapes on all four body panels on the
left side, and that mirror is wiped out..

Cars has 126000 miles, runs great, new ATE disks and pads this year,
pearl white with grey interior. Dunlop D60A2s with about 10000 miles. IA
Stage I ecu  and wastegate spring. It is driveable and tracks straight,
but before I took it on the road I'd want to mount a temporary drivers

If no one wants the car, I am willing to swap out the ecu and spring if
you Fedex me yours and some money. This is a 2 knock sensor unit, MAC
14, I believe. If you have an ecu with some other number, it won't work.

Here is my proposal. Send me an offer - IA has the same thing on sale
for $595 right now. I accept your offer, you remove the ECU per the IA
webpage instructions, and the wastegate spring. I get them, install them
in my car (the insurance co knows it runs and is driveable) and if
everything works, I Fedex the IA spring and ECU to you, and cash your
check. If not, I just return your stuff.

I'm not active on this list, but have followed it for years, and old
timers will remember me when I came upon a cache of fiche from a dealer
going out of business, and did a deal with many listmembers at the time,
I hope they remember that an mght vouch for me if you have any

Whatever your interest, please get back to me ASAP, the insurance
company wants to get this wrapped up, and I do not know how long I will
have possession of the car or the opportunity to buy it back.

Tom Forhan