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Thanks - Great Tire Feedback

I appreciate all the helpfull feedback on tires
for my 1990 Audi 100.  I'm leaning towards the
Yokohama AVS S4 to get a good combination of performance
and traction.

I also drive a 1985 VW Jetta diesel which used
to be like a cat on snow.  I just assumed the previous
owner had junk tires  on it, and switched from
Goodrich to Michelins.  I almost racked the car
up this last winter, when I discovered the Michelins
seem like skates on snow compaired to the Goodrich.
 I will say the Michelins run smoother than the
Goodrich, and don't seem to be showing any wear,
but what a difference between these two on snow
and ice!


1990 Audi 100
1985 VW Jetta Diesel
1982 VW Westfalia Diesel
1980 VW Westfalia-- 
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