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Worrying about CGT-noises

My trusty 1985 Coupe GT has started to let out  some strange 
sounds. This afternoon, in heavy rain, I didn't see a nasty pothole 
and drove straight in. Since then, I sometimes hear and feel a dull 
thud or clunk, the same kind you get when an engine strut goes bad. 
I hear it especially when shifting low gears. Also, there's a nasty, 
grinding sort of noise when I brake after driving in rear.

Of course, I drove to a repair shop, had it lifted in the air and 
checked the car together with the local mechanic. We looked at the 
engine mounts and suspension - nothing seems to be wrong. The 
guy tried rocking the drive train - nothing. We tried moving the front 
suspension to see if there's anything loose - zilch. 

Only this evening it hit me that we barely looked at the rear 
suspension, since it felt like the thuds were coming from the front. I 
might not be able to bring the car in for further inspection in the 
next couple of days, but maybe someone on the list has had similar 
experiences? Could damage to the rear make such noises? I'm 
quite worried about the grinding sound that comes from braking 
while rolling backwards...


1985 silver CGT 2.2

Brun uit/uut/aus/from/de Amsterdam.
Silver 1985 Audi Coupe GT 2.2
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