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RE: headlight bulbs(more specifically PIAA Platinums)

Hi all,

I bought a pair of PIAA superwhite 80/80w H4s half year ago right after I
switched to the 100 euros that I pick up at a junk yard. They worked
pretty well, and I was quite enjoy the new-found lighting from the 10
years old 100 euro headlights. 

Too bad, after a week or so I had to take them off becuase I could smell
the headlight switch start burning(haha, no relays). I didn't have time to
do the relays and wiring stuff so I just switch to a regular wattage
Japanese superwhites H4 that my dad bought me(those are not bad either). 

The PIAA H4s are still sitting in my parts bin. If anyone doesn't mind
the bulbs have been use for just a week, I can sell it for around $40 OBO.
They are still in the original box and I paid $70 for them half year ago.
Let me know if anyone want to see the condition of the bulbs, I can put
the pic on the web.    


Albert Ng
'87 5kcst

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, TM wrote:

> I had PIAA Super Whites in my H4s on my Pathfinder. I don't know if
> the Super Whites work better in E-code lights, but I was pretty happy
> with them. They put out a really "white" light and looked really cool
> to boot. However, I don't think I'll do it again, as they were over
> $60 for two bulbs. The Euros I'm getting cost 10x that and I doubt I'll
> have any money left over for fancy bulbs. I may spring for the Hella
> "superwhite" bulbs, though, as they are only $15 or so and come in 80/100W.
> Taka Mizutani
> '86 5kcstq
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> Okay, here's your BTDT. There's a local performance shop nearby with a great
> service department. I explained to them the inherent problems with my 200's
> headlights and that I would buy the PIAA platinums ($59/pair) if they were
> demonstrably brighter. They invited me to pull the car into the shop, they
> broke open the new package and we installed one. The PIAA bulb put out a
> flatter light. About the only way I can describe it. Perhaps just whiter,
> not
> as "yellow", but definitely _less_ light output. Very disappointed, I asked
> them to pull that bulb, I wasn't interested. They fully agreed that it was
> worse than the 2/$15 Sylvanias! A good example of "know your product."
> As a temporary fix, I installed 55watt driving light bulbs on the inboard
> (front running light) portion of the headlights. With those on, the lighting
> doesn't even improve when I flip the lever from the parking light position
> to
> the headlights on position. Which means they are a tremendous improvement,
> but
> also illustrates just how pathetic the DOT headlights are.
> Anyone selling used Euros right now?  ;^)
> Shaun Folkerts
> '89 200QW
> Todd Phenneger wrote:
> > Yea Allan,
> >         I saw that too.  They have the Super Whites AND the
> > Platinums.  Not sure I get what the difference.  The Superwhites have a
> > coating.  Maybe the Platinums are more of a Xenon bulb.  Better gas inside
> > to burn hotter.  Not sure though.  Would love to hear a BTDT.  Myself,
> > I'll probably go with some of the Phillips bulbs.  Or Astra.  Or Hella
> > just came out with a super white sort of bulb.  Cant remember the name but
> > they are actually pretty cheap.  Like $15 a bulb for the Hella's.
> > l8r
> >         Todd
> > -----------
> > >Allan wrote:::::
> > >Or how about even more expensive bulbs...Has anyone had any experience
> > >with
> > >the new PIAA 9004s that I think are called Platinums. They're an
> > >imitation
> > >of the "blue-light" thrown off by the latest high tech bulbs(I don't
> > >believe
> > >it, but the name of them escapes me - it'll come to me as soon as I click
> > >'send'!)  I don't want to spend upwards of $70 for the "cheesey" look.
> > >Anyone know if they are real lookin', or too fake for us cool Audifans?!?
> > >
> > >Thanks...
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