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RE: Re Tree fell on Ur Quattro


I assume it is you who's dad has the UrQ.. (Sorry Dan for emailing you about
that - Mail prog put in your addr, and I didn't catch it.)

If you're interested in selling it, contact me direct.

Mika Lepistö

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> Scott said>>>>>>>>..
> The other day a tree fell on my dad's '83 turbo coupe.  They
> are totalling
> it
> for $3800, but he has the oppurtunity to buy it back for
> $500.  There is
> probally about $2000 worth of damage to it (since he can get
> it done by a
> friend).  Do you think he should buy it back?  Is anyone
> interested in it
> totalled, or as a fixed car?
> Any ideas would be appreciated
> Scott  >>>>>>>>>>>
>     I think that you should buy it back!  Depending on where
> the dammage is,
> it would be good for either a parts car or a restore.  I
> would use it as a
> parts car.  There are a lot or Ur Quattros out there in need
> of parts that
> are hard to get.  It could be an opportunity to make a little
> money and
> replace the car with a newer better one.  Plus you will have
> some spare
> parts to boot!  Draw backs are having a junk car in your yard!
> Dan Hamren
> My 2 cents