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Re: My 5K got lowered!!- for free

Had it happen with both front springs on a Civic Si.  Springs had about 
120K on them.  Fond out when I was replacing the struts.  You could feel 
something was wrong, but couldn't really tell the springs had 

At 05:03 PM 12/17/99 ,  Livolsi, Stephane was inspired to say:

>Has anyone else ever had a coil spring snap just like that?  I
>accelerate and brake fairly hard but tend to take it easy on the bumps
>and don't rally or anything like that. This car is a daily driver and I
>treat it pretty good.

	88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, lubed U-Joint, still 0.0 bar....
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally