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RE: All-season tire recommendation

We had reasonably good luck (good dry traction, good wet traction, OK snow
traction, low noise, good wear, fairly cheap) with Dunlop D60A2 JLB on my
wife's old '95 Passat GLX. _MUCH_ better than the Goodyear GAs that came
with it. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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Subject: All-season tire recommendation

Fiancee's ride (Dodge Neon) needs new shoes.  I can't afford to have both
a winter-only set and a summer set.  Must be all-season.

I know this thread is going 'round, so I thought I'd join the fun.  So,
what is a good budget tire that will keep my beloved (fiancee) planted on
the pavement all winter yet be usable year-round?

She is not an aggressive driver, so I'd like to lean towards snow-safety
and rain-savviness than dry traction.

Trying to keep her safe,

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