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RE: Stuck brake caliper

Are you having trouble pressing in the front or rear calipers on your '93
100QW?  If it's the front, they may indeed be slightly cocked.  If you undo
the bleed screw, or loosen it, that should help.  BUT, if it's the rear
calipers (assuming they're similar to what went on '91 and earlier quattro
wagons), you cannot press the pistons in.  You have to turn or screw them
in, using a tool that KD or Lysle or any number of other tool makers
provides.  The tool consists of either a round or square device with a 3/8"
socket for your socket wrench on one side, and 2 small dowels opposite each
other on the other side.  The dowels fit into 2 holes in the piston of your
rear caliper.  You turn the pistons clockwise to cause them to retract.


- Jim