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'89 200TQW Flirting With Disaster


After a very long hiatus (3 years) I'm back. I've been lurking for the
past few months but now have a curious problem. Intermittent winking of
headlights and dash panel lights. Well not exactly a true wink. More
like a series of squints! Not tied to rpms but certainly is trackable on
the voltage meter. The voltage fluctuation is approximately 3 volts (13
to 16 volts).

Any help appreciated. I replaced the alternator about 9 months ago.

PS '83 TQC still ticking along after the rebuild three years ago.
Haven't yet had the guts to install the schrapnellknobben purchased from
Timmerman when I did the rebuild. Currently re-installing the one pass
aluminum IC. I played around with a front mounted two pass for a few
months but I believe that flow was restricted at the upper rpms.


Paul Caouette
'83 TQC; no sunroof (208,000)
'85 4000Q (105,000)
'89 2000TQW (160,000 How do you say lemon in German?)