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Re: headlight bulbs(more specifically PIAA Platinums)

Shaun Folkerts <fiatlancia@earthlink.net> wrote:

>Take out socket. Take out bulb. Install new bulb. Reinstall socket. Repeat
>other side.   :^)

Which reminds me of an amusing story-

A good friend of mine's a mechanic at a VW/Audi dealership, and this week
he's been on 24-hour breakdown call.
On a particularly rainy, windy and cold night he was called out to 'fix
non-functioning lighting'. He got to the car (brand-new Golf IV) and saw no
problems with the lights... until the owner pointed out that one of the
'city light' bulbs was out. So- you call a mechanic at 11.30 PM because one
of the bulbs you're not supposed to use (it's illegal to drive on the - 5
Watt - city lights here) is out? Moron.
In the end, he didn't do anything because there was no city light bulb in
his spare parts, and the owner's spare bulb set didn't contain any either.

Since starting 24-hour duty he's got all kinds of amusing things to
recount, like people making you force entry into their car because the keys
are in the car, and then find out that the keys are actually in their coat
pocket... or people asking you to get their car out of a tight parking spot
(which he was able to do within 30 seconds).

Zeist, The Netherlands