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Re: Happy Holidays from Audi!

This will probably go nowhere....but since Audi sent me a holiday
greetings letter,  I will respond.  My racing partner and I have
purchased a new Audi S4 to race in the Motorola Cup.  We are currently
prepping the car....the first race is at Daytona in Feb.  All of the ten
Motorola cup races will be televised on Speedvision.  John rutherford is
my co-driver.  This car should be very competitive against the Porsches,
Bmw's, etc.

My disappointment is with Rod Bymaster, the director of Audi racing.
The man does not even have the decency to return my phone calls or my
e-mails.  If he does not have any news or information for our team...the
least he could do is tell me so.  We are sponsored by Champion Porsche
Audi in florida and H & R Springs in Germany.  We are very serious about
being competitive, but have received zero support, zero technical
assistance, zero information from Audi.

We can guarantee a certain amount of publicity for Audi through this
series.  I would hate to state in an interview our disappointment with
Audi for their apathy about their product. I get e-mails from all over
the country from Audi owners on internet lists that are waiting to see
how we do in the series and wishing us well.

I am very frustrated.  I have directed specific questions to him
regarding suspension pieces, flywheels, etc....things we need to know in
order to race this car.....all things that are available through the
factory racing department.  What does it take to get a response????

We will race the car.  We will do well in the series.  We will win some
races.  If Audi expects... wishes...desires...any positive press, it
would be a very nice gesture to at least have an open line of
communication between our race team and the manufacturer of the car we
are racing.


Don Istook
ISTOOK/AINES Motorsport Group
2733 W. 7th St.
Fort worth, Texas