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Dollar Bill exhaust test Was Re: ECU/Oxygen sensor question

Has anyone else tried this test? I am still in search of a long ended
compression tester and decided to try this when I got out of the car. 
I have two exhaust outlets from the muffler but what I get from either
is a few pulses and then the bill gets sucked up against the pipe, not
into it just slaps up against it.  Could this indicate a problem.  The
only other piston engined car I have access to right now is a flat six
with a huge exhaust and it doesn't seem to do much.

--- "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@nwonline.net> wrote:
> >To: Richard J Lebens <rick-l@rocketmail.com>
> >From: "Doyt W. Echelberger" <Doyt@nwonline.net>
> >Subject: Re: ECU/Oxygen sensor question
> >
> >I just drove a car of exactly same model and equipment and year as
> yours.
> It was up for sale. At 187k miles, it had the driving characteristics
> you
> indicated.
> >
> >As part of the test drive, I put a dollar bill up against the end of
> the
> exhaust pipe at idle, and it got sucked in and blown back out so fast
> it
> sounded like a machine gun.  To me, this points toward one or more
> exhaust
> valves that aren't sealing on the intake stroke.
> >
> >I could feel the uneven power flow by placing my hand on the stick
> shift
> lever during straight and level driving at various speeds. The
> unevenness
> was being transmitted through the gearbox and I could feel it in the
> stick.
> >
> >My guess was that the car needed at least a valve job. I $u$pected
> other
> problem$ in the head region but the dollar bill te$t convinced me
> that at
> lea$t the exhaust$t valve$ weren't $ealing, and that'$  bad new$
> mechanically and financially.
> >
> >I asked the owner about maintenance and tune ups.  The reply
> indicated the
> car was given $400 in tune up service a month ago, during which the
> oxygen
> sensor was tested and found  OK. My conclusion was that the mechanic
> tried
> everything he could think of to eliminate the surging, failed, and
> now the
> owner is selling the car.
> >
> >I am probably taking the car to an Audi mechanic Monday to confirm
> my
> suspicions. Have no idea what a valve job costs on a 20 valve, but a
> thousand-plus dollars seems like a good ballpark and probably
> involves new
> valve springs, guides, seals and new exhaust valves. Maybe the cams
> are
> going bad, and it should get new lifters while it is apart.
> >
> >Do the dollar bill test and tell me what you find.
> >
> >Doyt Echelberger
> >87 5kcstq
> >
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
> >At 11:00 AM 12/10/1999 -0800, you wrote:
> >>
> >>If an injector were clogged would the ECU/Oxygen sensor be able to
> >>compensate for the excess oxygen and not set a fault code?  How
> would
> >>this condition (clogged injector)be diagnosed?  They all seem to be
> >>clicking away.  Would an exhaust gas anylizer show anything?
> >>
> >>Has anyone had their injectors cleaned/inspected as routine
> maintenace
> >>and how much did it cost?
> >>
> >>
> >>Still troubleshooting this:
> >>
> >>1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20 Valve
> >>
> >>I have been experiencing surging under light load in 2nd or 3rd
> gear
> >>under
> >>light throttle.  While cruising it feels like the engine is cutting
> out
> >>momentarily, kind of like when the AC is on (which it isn't).  I
> >>replaced
> >>the oxygen sensor and now I no longer have a hunting idle after
> coming
> >>to a
> >>stop but the surging is still there.  The idle also isn't as smooth
> as
> >>it
> >>was a couple weeks ago.  I searched for vacuum leaks with propane
> and
> >>found
> >>nothing.  Techron didn't work.  Plugs are new.
> >>
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