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Re: I smell gas..... :-(

> Jeryd writes:
> >     I have a 1986 4kcsq...
> >     And when I am driving around it can start to smell the gas fumes every
> > now and then...  Any suggestions as shat this can be?  (and it happens
> > always, not just after I filled up my gas tank...)
> There is a gas leak somewhere along the fuel system.  You should inspect
> it to determine the location.  Start from the fuel tank and the lines
> under the car, pumps and filters, up through to the fuel distributor, 
> and then the fuel injector lines.

Another possibility - check your airbox.  There is a doohickey
at the end of the airbox (pressure reg I think) with a vacuum line that
goes into the airbox.  The diaphragm inside my PR was leaking and so the
fuel was pissing into the airbox.  This after I replaced and rebuilt the
metering head twice trying to find the leak...
| Dan |
Dan Simoes