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RE: jack slipped

Hey, I remember chasing you that night <g>......
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>From: 	Alexander van Gerbig[SMTP:Audi_80@email.msn.com]
>Sent: 	December 18, 1999 5:46 PM
>To: 	Daniel Hussey; ckrafft@olg.com; quattro list
>Subject: 	Re: jack slipped
>    Yikes!  I would never go anywhere underneath my car with the Audi jack
>being the only thing holding it up.  I actually use an Audi jack as my
>garage jack to lift the car then I always put the jack stand underneath and
>lower all the weight onto the jstand.  Then I remove any wheels I need to.
>The Audi jack has never rolled or folded except once which was my mistake on
>my nicely lowered 80.  The tires were covered in road dirt from the dirt
>road and the garage has a slippery cement floor.  Need less to say I went to
>high on one side of the car with the Audi jack and the driver's front tire
>slipped very slowly.  I held onto the jack and slowly let the car slide.
>The jack popped out and has worked perfectly since, just for lifting and
>lowering, never for anymore than a minute or so.
>    Although I'd have to say the Audi jack is an easy to use, lightweight,
>and effective jack.  I got in a bind in Canada at 2AM in the middle of no
>where. A friend an I had pissed off a truck full of angry, drunken
>Canadians, inadvertently of course, and then they proceeded to chase us down
>a 2 lane stretch of highway doing 100+mph.  I slammed on the brakes and did
>a speedy u-turn.  During that u-turn I damaged one of the front tires,
>luckily the tire held out so I could speed away fast enough so that the
>truck couldn't catch up.  The tire split in half and died 3 miles down the
>road.  (Jack Content Here)==>I have never changed a tire that fast in my
>life, 5 minutes with the Audi jack which acted perfectly.  The worst part
>was the donut tire had 10psi in it, made it to a truck stop and nearly wore
>through the sidewall of the donut.  What a night, and the only thing that
>worked properly was the jack, and the tire iron.
>Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80
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