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Re: Audi's CVT

Charlie Smith <charlie@elektro.cmhnet.org> wrote:

>    And, if you want to look at the non-automotive CVT's, Motobecane
>had a CVT version of their Mobylette moped, certainly by about 1955
>because that's when I bought a new one, called a Mobymatic.
>In France during those years, you had to be 16 to ride anything over 50cc,
>and had to be 18 to ride over 250cc or drive a car.

Shame on me for not remembering those. Not only did Mobylette make CVT
mopeds, but there were Puch, Tomos, Peugeot, Honda... at one time almost
any light motorbike maker had one on offer. I demolished tons of these
things in my day (great for jumping moats when you're 12 years old and want
to emulate Evel Knievel). I once had one which, by resetting the ignition,
could be made to do top speed in reverse... ah, sweet memories. :-)