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Re: jack slipped

ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) wrote:
> Jack Gagnon writes:
> >
> > Had the misfortune of having my trusty Audi jack fold under the car while
> > The jacks on these cars are the cheesiest things I have ever seen.  It is
> > build with the same integrity as an aluminum window screen!  I can't believe
> > that a manufacturer would take the risk of liability for those things.
> While I agree that the stock jack is not the strongest of construction,
> it is a marvel in compatness and light weight, and perfectly adequete for
> the intended use.  It is critical, though; that the "angle of attack" of
> the lower rubber pad be correct before cranking up the car, and that the
> upper U channel be correctly positioned into the marked jack point.  I have
> used the stock jack on each of my Audis for many years to lift the car,
> with absolute no problems.  After the car is lifted, put a jack stand in
> a load-bearing location under the car to take the load off the jack
> before working on the car.

There's supposed to be a lower rubber pad?  I don't remember ever 
seeing anything other than a curbed metal pad at the bottom.  
Perhaps all the jacks I've seen had the rubber pad missing?

Also, I've seen two types of Audi jacks, I think.  One was a black, 
possibly steel one which is heavier than the other kind.  The other 
kind is an aluminum one, "in the white" or clearcoated, and is very 
light.  Or, was this my imagination?