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Re: 9004 to 9007

Completed headlight bulb conversion (did now due to burned sockets from
running 80/100W 9004s). Made one modification to conversion. Lacking
Bentley's (anyone have a used one for '89 to '91 type 44's [100s-200s]?)
didn't know how to remove headlight, didn't have time to figure it out.
So, instead of modifying the housing (my dremel wouldn't fit on the
condenser/radiator side) I used a dremel and a square cutting tip to
modify the lamp. Takes less time, but, does mean the car is not ready to
accept a replacement bulb w/o modification of the bulb. I will wait 'til
summer to do things right. Used NAPA BrightLite Xenon charged bulbs
(turns out made by Wagner). They are clear (not blue tint) Xenon charged
bulbs, but the wattage is not indicated on the bulb (anyone know?), and
they DO produce a whiter light than my 55W H4's in my GTi. IMHO, they are
an improvement over the 9004 Lo Beams (I'd even venture they are about
halfway between DOT 9004's to E-code H4's, assuming similar wattage)
mostly in light distribution, some perhaps to the higher light output of
the Xenon bulbs. On Hi-beam, an notable improvement over 9004's (not
expected from the pattern I saw on the garage wall) but DEFINITELY not
even close to the  caliber of even 60W Hi-Beam H4's. (Not even going to
mention 100W H-4 or H-4, H-1 combos). Overall, IMHO, a worthwhile
conversion to do. Won't stop me from wanting to do Euro's though (anyone
have any of those used?)

Larry - '89 2CTQ, '85 GTi (Solo2 - hibernation 'til spring)