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RE: Trucks and SUVs outselling passenger cars

Hi All,

While it is certainly important to wish for matching bumper heights, another
factor about SUV's, pickups, and the like troubles me at least as much.  The
vehicles are raised by all means possible to get them as high off the ground
as possible, but no one seems to care about
re-aiming the headlights after it's done.  One excuse I've heard is that
"they're too high off the ground".  Baloney, when's the last time you saw an
over the road 18 wheeler tractor with
misaimed headlights? Some of their headlights are as high as the roof on my

The misaimed bright lights of the raised SUV's, trucks, etc., even when
they're dimmed, really irritate me at night.  Sometimes I adjust my outside
rear view mirrors to shine in the face of the drivers, occasionally causing
them to back off enough to reduce the glare.

We've listed 2 good reasons for establishing proper heights, bumper to
bumper impact and headlight aiming.  Are they any other good reasons for
some agency to exercise control?

My .02.


Jim Jordan
5KT > 300K miles