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RE: A4Q creaks and grinds

If you remember I replaced the left side lower control arms on that car 
before I left Wagner's. I would lay money that the right side is now due. 
The reason you here the noise on braking is the compression of the chassis 
due to weight transfer. When you talk to Rich Reed again, have Jeff look at 
it. Jeff got really good at diagnosing the A4 front ends. Hope that helps.

Daniel Jones

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Subject:	A4Q creaks and grinds

hi all,

adding to the trouble list of my wife's lemon A4Q avant is
a creaking/grinding noise which appears to be coming from
the right front. typically the nasty noise starts when
the car has been driven in city traffic (hot brakes?).

it creaks as i apply brakes and again as the brakes are
let go. the creaks lasts for about 3-5 secs after the brakes
are totally released before the it disappears (once i pick
up speed). and the whole sequence repeats itself when i
step on the brakes to stop.

it's hard to describe the noise. but it almost sounds like
the sound of an automatic car when you release the brake a
little and let the car roll (but your foot is still on
the brake pedal).

has anyone heard this before? i brought the car to wagner
audi, but true to murphy's law, i can't reproduce the sound
once i get there. it doesn't help that the way to get
there is via the interstate and there's really no stop-and-go
traffic at all from the interstate exit to the dealership
(thus, relatively cool brakes). they took apart the front
right caliper and re-assembled it. but the noise is still
there in city traffic.

thanks in advance for any tip. i'm going back to wagner audi
next week to have it looked at again.