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Re: A4Q creaks and grinds

Any idea on what the price of the arm is?
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Subject: RE: A4Q creaks and grinds

> Front control arms. The bushings have gone. Common -- EVERY A4 has or will
> suffer from it -- with the A4s. The arms have to be replaced, as the
> can't -- or at least won't -- just replace the bushing.
> Cost is VERY expensive. You should get it done while under warranty. The
> arms last approx 30k miles before they start to go.
> Got to www.audiworld.com, go to the archives and search on "control arms."
> You'll be amazed at the rantings and complaints about these faulty parts.
> Jon
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> Subject: A4Q creaks and grinds
> hi all,
> adding to the trouble list of my wife's lemon A4Q avant is
> a creaking/grinding noise which appears to be coming from
> the right front. typically the nasty noise starts when
> the car has been driven in city traffic (hot brakes?).
> it creaks as i apply brakes and again as the brakes are
> let go. the creaks lasts for about 3-5 secs after the brakes
> are totally released before the it disappears (once i pick
> up speed). and the whole sequence repeats itself when i
> step on the brakes to stop.
> it's hard to describe the noise. but it almost sounds like
> the sound of an automatic car when you release the brake a
> little and let the car roll (but your foot is still on
> the brake pedal).
> has anyone heard this before? i brought the car to wagner
> audi, but true to murphy's law, i can't reproduce the sound
> once i get there. it doesn't help that the way to get
> there is via the interstate and there's really no stop-and-go
> traffic at all from the interstate exit to the dealership
> (thus, relatively cool brakes). they took apart the front
> right caliper and re-assembled it. but the noise is still
> there in city traffic.
> thanks in advance for any tip. i'm going back to wagner audi
> next week to have it looked at again.
> /thai