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Fuel Pump Change BTDT

car = 88 5ksq

Well, I think I should change my Noisy fuel pump before spending 24 hours
on road over christmas.  I only now decided to, of course after I just
filled up the tank.  A couple of questions and BTDTs that I probably ought
to ask in ADVNACE of doing it, since I don't have much time:

1.)  It looks like the pump is in the bottom of the tank.  Do I need to
COMPLETELY drain it?  I don't know where to put all that fuel...

2.)  Am I going to need that tool they show in bentley to get the sending
unit cap off? or can I just tap it with a screw driver and hammer to twist?..

3.)  Does the thing just pull out of those sockets in the tank?  Anything I
should know before just pulling on it to get it out?

4.)  When I buy the pump, is it just the cylinder shaped part in the
diagram? or does it come with the whole assembly. check valve etc?  If not,
should I replace the check valve, and what about gaskets/o-rings?

5.)  Should I really bother?  It's been noisy for about 2 months.  Does it
just fade away? or will it die a sudden death?  I don't want to get stuck
in the middle of Arkansas with no fuel pump... they don't even sell any
foreign car parts there, not to mention 1988 Audi parts, so if it goes,
I'll be stuck.  On the other hand, what are the chances of it dying...
Maybe I'll just buy it and bring it with me.  But, what if I need to change
it on the road, and my tank is full and I need that tool?????  BTDT please!!!

Matt Caprio
Austin, TX