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S2 - I'm in love!

Thanks to everyone for all the info so far...   and I
know you guys and gals have probably already heard all
this junk before.... but...

There is a new love in my live and she is called
Quattro...  but how I break this to my wife!?  :-)

I was driving on the autobahn's in Germany at speeds
up to nearly 120mph and it was lightly snowing.. the
snow was not staying on the road mind you...  and then
in Nuremberg in 12inches of snow and my god ... it is
fantastic...  Can use the parking spaces everyone else
avoids...  Everyone else tip-toes around and the Audi
is just lapping it up!!!

Couple of times tried out the quattro by accelerating
fast in snow/ice and the thing just launches!!!!  :-)
Felt so safe.

Sorry to share my drivel with everyone but now I truly
know why Quattro is soooooo good.

Jase the Converted
' 91 Audi S2 
' 97 GSXR600
[OK so it's not a 2.3 it's a 2226 but you can't blame
a guy for rounding up can you?? ;-) ]

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