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Re: Northern rusty Q's?

Every nonrepainted type 44 I've ever looked at here in the rustbelt has had
rust showing on the spots where the chrome trim above the rear bumper is
fastened to the body.  Many have had rust on the area surrounding the
windshield if the glass has been replaced.  There may not be actual rust
visible if it's been looke after well, but the interruptions in the
smoothness of paint will be discernible.  I've not seen rust of any
significance on things like main fender panels, door skins, hoods and trunk
lids, so the galvanizing generally works except where it's been compromised
by scratching.

Kneale Brownson

At 05:16 AM 12/20/99 -0500, The PC Handyman wrote:
>Do quattros from up north rust out? I've heard the bit about the body being
>galvanized, but I've never seen a northern example... The car in question is
>a '91 200q.