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Re: Re: S2 - I'm in love!

OK so another question then....

I did actually find a car park with about 8-10inches
snow.... and in 1st gear put my foot down and turned
and it seemed that a _lot_ more drive went to the rear
wheels and managed to get a (nice) tail slide going...

Is this the expected behaviour??? I honestly thought
that it would be understeer not oversteer??

Thoughts anyone?

'91 Audi S2
'97 GSXR600

Earlier, Jason Stone wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for all the info so far...   and
I > know you guys and gals have probably already heard
all > this junk before.... but...
> There is a new love in my live and she is called
> Quattro...  but how I break this to my wife!?  :-)

Heh ...   :-)     If you figure out a way that works,
please let the rest of us know.

> Everyone else tip-toes around and the Audi > is just
lapping it up!!!
> Couple of times tried out the quattro by
accelerating > fast in snow/ice and the thing just
launches!!!!  :-) > Felt so safe.

This may sound like overkill, but be real careful on
snow and ice until you get real used to the car. 
Yeah, you can drive almost like being on a dry road,
and it sure is great fun to sucker the guy next to you
at the stoplight into a short race ...

BUT ...  find a snowy parking lot or back road and try
some turns. You'll quickly find that throttle steering
is real different, and hard to do.  With a FWD or RWD
car you can play with the throttle and aim the car the
way you want to go, with quattro it's a lot harder to
do.  Go practice some and you'll learn for yourself.
If your rear parking brakes work well ... eg: cables
are free and release easily, you can use the parking
brake for directional control - but you got to be used
to it before hand.

It's easy to run down that snow covered lane on the
freeway, when everybody else is doing half the speed
limit over in the lanes that are almost clear.  But if
you start to get sideways then
it becomes more fun   :-)

> Sorry to share my drivel with everyone but now I
truly > know why Quattro is soooooo good.
Now, add an extra set of wheels with H-1's or some
other good M&S tires, and you'll begin to really have

> Jase the Converted
> ' 91 Audi S2 
> ' 97 GSXR600

You're getting there!

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http://elektro.cmhnet.org/~charlie/  Columbus Ohio  

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