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4KQ Front end work

Any BTDT from the list on the following work associated with front strut
replacement is appreciated.

I have my '85 4000 Quattro 140Kmiles up on jack stands.  Front struts

Installing new BOGEs and strut bearings.  

Needed to replace a tie rod end and a lower ball joint and a CV boot that is
starting to look like the other did before I replaced it recently.

I'm also looking at replacing the control arm bushings with new OEM rubber.
Should I be able to press these out with a large vice or will I need a

Anything else that I ought to get to while I've got all this apart, or do I
have everything covered pretty much so I wont have to dissasemble again to
replace something I might have missed in the near future?  

Next week - installing a STEBRO SS Exhaust from cat on back.  Any BTDT on
this also?

TIA for replies.

Ben Swann
'85 4KSQ