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RE: hakka 1's on the a4?

> Anyways, I think you will be happy with the Hakka 1's.  They have the
> eco-studs, but I don't think they are real studs per se.

eco-studs are real studs.

> I went with them.  The sipping goes all the way down the full
> length of the
> tread (unlike Blizzaks and others).  So, a Blizzak will handle
> great for the
> first so many miles, but after a while the tread wears down (quickly?) and
> you are left without much sipping and then a tire that hanldles not only
> sloppily in the dry, but on snow and ice too.

It's not the siping that wears out on the blizzak, the compound actually
changes as you wear the top (microcellular ice compound off).  After the
first 55% or something, you are left with a conventional all-season

> The Hakkas will wear, but handle much better as they wear down
> and they last
> a lot longer.  I've heard of listers getting 4 good seasons out of these
> tires.  That is a LOT.