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Re: jack slipped

At 10:59 PM -0500 12/19/99, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>   Funny how a jack that weighs
>absolutely nothing can lift a 200q20v avant, plus all the extra Quattro
>drivetrain heaviness...  How heavy is a 2Cq avant anyways?

A few hundred pounds more than the 5kCSTQ, and a little lighter than 
the '92 S4.

  It's probably due to 2x the valves, 2x the exhaust pipes/cats/large 
mufflers, the second aux radiator, the UFOs(which are probably much 
heavier than the G60's), and the LSD(or whatever it is, you all know 
what I'm talking about)...it all adds up in the end.

Size has nothing to do with strength...carefully stand on top of an 
empty soda can.  Flimsy, yet because of its shape, it can support 
what's probably over ten thousand times its own weight.  Same with 
the jack...


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