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center support bearing mount

Devin writes:

"I have 87' 4000csQ, that I pulled the transmission out to work on the
clutch.  Since I need to replace the rear driveshaft I decided to do
that as well.  My problem is when  I unbolted the center support bearing

from the mounts on the driveline tunnel the one of the square nuts
started to spin. I was able to get it out, but I am not sure on how I am

going to put it back in.  I was also wondering if anyone knew were to
get a driveshaft alignment tool like the one shown in the bentley


Just did this. The nut continues to turn, because it is on the end of a
hex head bolt. Use a 13mm open end wrench to hold the bolt head while
tightening. As for the alignment tool, I suppose that you could make a
cheap one out of a straight piece of wood, and a few small pieces of
screwed on, but I was told by a Porsche/Audi mechanic that scribing the
original location of the bearing housing for the left to right
orientation was adequate (before removal of course). If you have removed

the driveshaft before scribing, check the mounting surfaces for telltale

signs, as they have been fastened together for a long time. Fore/aft
location basically takes care of itself, bolt the driveshaft ends to the

car, shove the driveshaft forward, then aft, and move to the center of
the fore/aft
distance traveled before tightening.

Also, repack the CV joints at this time, as they are probably pretty
dry. Mine were, but still showed very little wear for for 240K miles.


Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ