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RE: Northern rusty Q's?

It all depends on how well they have been taken care of.  If they are not
kept clean during salt season, you will see rust just below the trunk
lid(where the chrome bumper trim is mounted to the body).  Around the front
and rear wind screens is another popular spot.  Where the body panels are
curled under for the wheel wells can also be scratched and rusting.  Other
than that, You generally don't see rust on the main body panels, unless they
have been scratched or chipped.  

Another thing to keep in mind, if you're not used to seeing rust on bolts
under the car, prepare yourself.  I have just gotten used to the fact that
every bolt under the car needs penetrating oil and a breaker bar to get them
off.  I just recently bought a 5kq from Alabama.  I couldn't believe it, you
look under the car and after 11 years, bolts still look brand new.  Where am
I, the twilight zone?  Oz?  So _that's_ why people buy lock tight ;o)
Typical maintenance is so easy when the bolts come off with a normal wrench


> Do quattros from up north rust out? I've heard the bit about 
> the body being
> galvanized, but I've never seen a northern example... The car 
> in question is
> a '91 200q.
> -Noah