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re Re: hakka 1's on the a4?

"Daniel Hussey" <dan_hussey@email.msn.com> wrote to Rocky:
Subject: Re: hakka 1's on the a4?



BTW, Nokian has a new tire called the Hakka Q that is a lot like the Hakka
1, but desighned to be more of an ice tire.  This is what I got.  Don't have
them mounted yet, so can't say much about them, but supposedly have the same
characteristics as the Hakka 1, just much better on ice.  But, unlike a lot
of ice tires, handle well in snow too.  But, I think the Hakka 1 is probably
the best for snow, and I think that may be the way to go in Tahoe (lots of
fresh powder).  Here is Wisconsin, it is ice I am more worried about so I
went with the Q's.


Dan:  I think you have this backwards, Hakka Qs (which I have on my S6) are
not intended to be better than Hakka 1s (studded) on ice, and are barely
better than unstudded Hakka 1s.  They are better on snow according to
Nokian's chart of relative performance.  Anyone wanting an electronic copy
of this chart should contact me.  Note that the Qs require some use to wear
off the "fur" from the mold, as their sipe design uses a vast number of mold
fill points.

Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA
1988 90q Titanium gray, 185 kmi
1988 90q Stone gray, 187 kmi 
1995 S6 Pearl effect, 84 kmi