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type44 owners...potential rust area.

if you own a type 44,  read this.

open your front doors.  look thru the opening at bottom of front doorhinges 
into the front fenders. see all that dirt and crap sitting at the bottom of 
your front fenders, directly behind the front wheels? 
what happens, is leaves and junk coming from above clogs the drain hole.. so 
dirt/sand/salt/leaves/ etc builds up in there, and never dries out.  i just 
looked at a listers '86 5kTQ yesterday, and there was like 3" or more of crud 
sitting in there, right up against the fender.  this will rust the fender out 
from the inside.
best way to clean it out is remove the plastic inner wheel well, or remove 
loose leaves, then simply blast it all out with a hose from the opening at 
the front of the door.
leaves also clogging the upper drains can result in water overflowing into 
the heater blower or evaporator flap (worse case scenario)

keep those drains clean!

'86 5kT, TQ