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Re: Ur S4 vs 5KTQ BTDT?

Hi Mike;

    I don't know what your 5ktq is like to drive, but I just traded up from
a '91 200q (10v MC-2 engine) to a '94 S4 and can offer the following

The S4 steering has a speed sensitive Servotronic assist which reduces
steering effort at low speed. The assist can be removed by pulling the
Servotronic electrical connector, restoring the traditional "heavy" steering

The S4 is prone to a couple of simple problems which result in low or no
boost - the car you test drove may not have been performing properly. My S4
definitely has more low end torque than my stock 200q and a lot more high
end grunt as well. On WOT, you should feel the overboost cut out after 20
seconds or so - if you don't notice this, the car is probably not going to
full boost.

The S4 clutch is heavier than a 5ktq or 200q clutch. Watch out for a very
heavy S4 clutch, though - this is a prelude to failure. The clutch on the
first S4 I drove was so stiff, I almost shoved the clutch pedal on the 200q
though the firewall when I got back in it - I thought it was broken for a

My overall impressions - the S4 has it over the Type 44 hands down when it
comes to performance, but has given up a few creature comforts along the way
( a good sized trunk, the drivers knee shelf, a glove box that holds more
than gloves - you get the idea)

Fred Munro
'94 S4  94k km

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Subject: Ur S4 vs 5KTQ BTDT?

> Not to start any never ending thread vs the merit of either, but I have
> started looking for a newer Turbo Audi Q after a few UrQs and 5kTQ's, I'm
> thinking UrS4 or 1.8.
> I Just drove my first S4 and was confused (~97K miles).  It was a mid year
> car with a chip.  The steering was very light but precise, I liked my
> 5K feel.  I really didn't seem as fast or push me into the seat has hard
> my chipped and sprung 5KTQ (sentiments of my copilot as well).  It also
> more RPM's to get the car going than my 5KTQ, I thought the S4 spun up
> faster/lower RPM, the power was very gradual with no power rush when
> from +3,000RPM.  Also the clutch was about 30% heavier than any of my
> 5KTQ's.  I was wondering what others who have made that transition think.
> was very prepared to love the car, but I ended up with more respect for my
> 5K.
> Thanks for any imput.
> Mike
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