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Re: Re; Bumber Black

Opps I mean Forever Black!
Dohhhh   I have got to get more than 5 hours sleep at night
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From: Dan Hamren <dan@magnitude-electronics.com>
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Sent: Monday, December 20, 1999 1:22 PM
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> Bumber Black.    I used this stuff on my 87 wagon.  It works great, and
> held up for over a year, but I think I need to do another coat.    Its
> 13 bucks.  You can get it at VW dealerships.  I know That Boardwalk in
> Redwood City Ca 650 area code has it.
> Oh bye the way it is a paint. made for our cars.  It comes with an
> applicator similar to the Shoe white bottles with the foam top
> .  It also comes with a pre treatment , that gets the wax and other stuff
> off before you put on the paint.  Looks nice if you do it right!  I will
> have to give it a refresher and it will look new.  I didn't do the best
> the first time so that is why it hasn't held up.
> Dan Hamren