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Test drove that '91 90 20V Q

Just got back from test driving the 1991 90 20v Quattro..

Interesting... after driving my 944 there and back.. ;-)

Here are the details on the car

5 speed, black on gray cloth, wood grain interior (dash, console, etc).
Exterior is 7 outta 10 (some key'ed areas, dent in rear trunk fist sized
1/4" deep, dent on down C pillar real small), interior 6 outta 10 (faded in
some areas, probably a good cleaning would do wonders).  It might have a
trunk mounted CD player, as the dash cassette unit (not factory don't
think..) had the controls...havent looked yet.  118k miles on the car.  NO
service records (hmm...). Power locks, alarm, power windows.

If someone could tell me if these things are normal, expensive to fix, or
what.. That'd be great!

It started right up, idled about 11-1200rpm.
Let it warm for a minute, then pulled out.  The clutch engaged about 7/8 of
the way out.  Is this time for a new clutch, or adjusting?
Radio sucks, only the front speakers make sound... faded it all the way to
the back, still no back... Good thing I'm not a stereo freak or that it
would have been over with.. ;-)
Engine idles and rev smoothly.  Revs come down much slower the 944 (2.3L 16v
vs 2.5L 8v).
No tourque compared to my 944.. Just like all the early German 16v motors...
I got used to it, though.
Brake pedal is quite firm - are they all like this, or could the booster not
be giving 'full boost'?
All the windows go up and down quickly (first Audi I've ever drove that did
Power mirrors work fine.
Seats are non-power. Move for and aft fine.

When shifting, mainly accelerating hard, it knida 'clunks' - the 4kcsQ and
the 5kcstQ and the V8 I have driven before did this..When ever coming off
and on the gas it kinda clunks... Is this bad mounts, or a common thing with
AWD cars?

The steering wheel is about 10 degrees counterclockwise than center when you
are going straight.  The car tracks straight, no alignment problems.

The car handles nicely, I found a dirt parking lot, hit the 'diff lock'
button and punched it in 1st gear... Took off like on pavement.. ;-) The
diff engaged and disengaged.  The ABS disengages and re-engages properly.

The car shifts smoothly, other than the kinda clunk when you engage the


How much $ are the clutches on these things? How hard to do (DYI that is)?
How many miles out of a clutch normally? This might be the original one. It
still holds under 1st gear WOT, but engages really far out.
How many miles out of the motor? When will it need a valve job? Lifters?
Head gasket? Rebuild?

How much is it worth? They are asking $4600.  I'd love to grab it for $3000
if the clutch and all is good, is this a good deal (at 45 or 30?).  I'm
talking to the owner of the [small] dealership/import car place tmrw and
going to see how much we can go down to.  I am unsure if I am paying cash or
not, anyone know what a loan for $4000 would be? Do you HAVE to FULLY insure
a car on loan? Cause I normally just do teh liability thing.

Any thoughts would be great... I did a VIN check, the car was purchased in
2/91 with 15 miles on it, and repo'ed and sold at an auction this past
June.. no other history.  So only one owner, which is good.  But... How was
it repo'ed after 8 years? Do people really take that long, or could it have
been part of a settlement (I take everything you own 'cause you owe me
money, type thing?). I thought about calling the dealer it was purchased
from and seeing what they have to say..


Mike Green
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